Here at Barbecue Presbyterian Church we have our traditional worship service, Sunday school classes, music programs, youth group and Presbyterian women's and men's groups.



For visitors and new members for those who have an interest in learning more about us or becoming a member of Barbecue Presbyterian Church please contact Rev. Sherrod 919-499-5211, or Dennis McLean 910-494-4684, Chair of the Welcome/Membership Committee  .  



Every Sunday from 11:00am to 12:00pm

Sunday worship can also been seen live via our Facebook page.

Nursery care available when we return to the sanctuary


DUE TO COVID-19 - We are currently offering a combined 

Sunday School class in the Fellowship Hall at 10:00am, we ask that you please wear a mask.

(normal schedule below)
Every Sunday from 9
:30am to 10:00am Coffee & Refreshments (fellowship hall) 

Sunday school class 10:00am to 10:45am

Nursery care available when we return to the sanctuary

Barbecue Church is involved in the community and is caring for its members in many ways.

This church is a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA and has over 200 members.

The church has two boards that make most ministry and administrative decisions for the church.  The committees at open for volunteers to help with the activities and business of the church.  Occasional Congregational Meetings are held to elect officers and conduct business.

Staying Connected with God During Covid-19 Pandemic

For Kids

Place mats for Kids


Children's Lesson

The Fruit of the Spirit

Children's Lesson

Faith in the Son of God

Children's Lesson

Do Not Worry

Very Famous Friends

God Takes Our Worries

God Takes Our Worries - Leader Guide

Scripture Doodle

Lord's Prayer

Coloring Book

For Families


Parent Handout

Week 1 

God is Provider

Week 2

God is Faithful

Week 3 - God

Answers Prayers

Week 4 - Jesus is Compassionate

Week 5 - God

Never Fails

Week 6 - God

Is Good

Week 7 - God

Is Love

Week 8 - Jesus 

Is The Lord of Life

For Adults

Place mats for Adults

Spiritual Parenting

Session and Committee Assignments (Elders)


Moderator:  Reverend David Sherrod

Clerk of Session: Jane Sullivan

Education:  Dennis McLean

Outreach:  Ben Thomas


Personnel:  Joe Miller

 Welcome/Membership:  Richard Porter


Class of 2023                          Class of 2022                               Class of 2021

Richard Porter                         Greg Street                                   Joe Miller

Oscar Pace                            Ben Thomas                           Murray Simpkins

 Dennis McLean             Jane Sullivan, Clerk                Jane Sullivan, Clerk

Elder Emeritus:  Alta Warwick

deacons 2020.jpg

Diaconate Committee Assignments (Deacons) 


Chair - Lora Street

Vice - Chair - 

Secretary - 

Building and Grounds: Shelby Porter(chair)

Stewardship:  Lora Street (chair)

Witness and Service:  Kim McLean (chair)


Class of 2023                             Class of 2022                                 Class of 2021

Lora Street, Chair             Amber Dienstmann-Ott                   Molly Howsden

Kim McLean                                                                                           LuAnn Miller

Shelby Porter                         Rodney Tarrants                               Tina Rimbach